Reading a memoir is often like sharing an excruciatingly long cup of herbal tea with a particularly dopey stranger who has a life-affirming story to tell. But there is little solace to be found in Ken Dornstein's investigation ... (read more »)

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Mar 27
"Dave's Place"
There are no home movies of David, and very few photographs of him after age ten or twelve. It's been so long since he died, it's easy to forget how his voice sounded, how he gestured when he talked, how... (read more »)


Mar 26
A Brief History of Publicity Photos I Have Taken
(1) In the beginning, there was Entertainment Weekly magazine. On short notice, I was flown to NYC, then taken to an estate near West Point where I was met by the photographer, her lighting assistants, a stylist and a groomer,... (read more »)


Mar 23
David Dornstein talks!
I've got some tape recordings of my brother David's voice. I haven't listened to them in a long time because I've got two kids now and don't have a lot of time to put on headphones and listen to old... (read more »)


Mar 21
What the Critics Are Saying
''The Boy Who Fell Out of the Sky" is not just the memoir of a brother's loss or even the autobiography of a life cut short. It's more like a full-scale attempt at resurrection, or at least a part of... (read more »)


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